FIX-IT Friday w/ Guild #005 Hacker Scouts!


FIXIT_FRIDAYJoin us on Friday, July 19 at 5pm for a very special Hacker Scouts session called FIX-IT FRIDAY! Bring in a broken item that you love and we’ll help you try to FIX-IT!

We’ll have four stations setup for this:

  • Sewing – Machine & Hand Stitching – Hem your pants! Patch a hole! Sew on a button!
  • Electronics – No promises here, electronic repairs can be difficult, but we’ll give it a try!
  • Glue City / JB Weld Land – Broken wood, plastic, ceramics, more.
  • Mechanical Things – Bikes, mopeds, skateboards, weed whackers, etc.

This is the first of many FIX-IT FIESTAS to come! It is FREE and open to all. Donations will be accepted and will go toward our upcoming Hacker Scouts trip to Oakland. RSVPs are welcome and appreciated:

Find out more at: