Being a community MakerSpace means that Parachute Factory is all about making things! We believe in the idea that if you can think it up, it can be made. Our mission is to facilitate a space that encourages creativity and supports makers to see their dreams take shape as tangible creations.

We have a well equipped storefront lab on Bridge St. Some of our tools include:

One of our favorites! Thanks to generous community donations, we have been able to purchase our very own laser cutter for prototyping with wood, plexi, cardboard, etc. Our machine was made by Full Spectrum Lasers out of Las Vegas, NV. It can cut through material up to 1/2″ thick and 20X12″ in size.

Parachute Factory currently has three 3D printers – two at our 146 Bridge Storefront, and one at our 166 Bridge Workshop. We built all three of these – two from kits and one from scratch! Here’s more info:

PrintrBot LC #001 – Our first printer. Specs include: a 6X6X6″ build envelope, heated bed for printing with ABS, and a .35mm hot end (takes 3mm filament).

PrintrBot Plus w/ Super Z Upgrade – This incredible printer was a GIFT from PrintrBot to our buddy Aaron Juarros! Parachute Factory collaborated with Aaron to create cast iron and bronze art from a lost PLA experiment with our PrintrBot LC. PrintrBot liked the results so much they equipped Aaron with this MASSIVE PrintrBot! The printer features a build envelope of 8X8X24″ – that’s right – 2 full feet!

PrintrBot LC Plus #002 – At current, our second Plus is around 80% complete. What’s awesome about this printer is that it’s being built by our Hacker Scouts!


Parachute Factory also hosts workshops for all skill levels / ages. Check out some of what we’ve done in the past:

June 29th, 2013:


April 13th, 2013:


Build a synth out of a pencil!
For information email:


April 6th, 2013:


An adult workshop at Parachute Factory’s Pop-Up Makerspace Event:

The April workshop is on wetplate collodion tintypes. Participants will learn the basics of how to pour, shoot, and process 4X5 plates. This is a hands-on workshop – after a short demo everyone will have a chance to shoot their own wetplate!

This is a small class – we are capping it at 4 participants to make sure that everyone has time to shoot and process. We expect the class will fill up fast, so RSVP soon if you wish to attend. We will likely hold a second session in May, so if you don’t get in to this one you’ll have another chance.

This is a 90 minute session that runs 3-4:30pm at Parachute Factory (166 Bridge St | Las Vegas, NM)

Image of the flyer for Parachute Factory's November DIY Workshop.

In November, participants built their own pinhole cameras. Some of the cameras that came out of this event were made out of Legos, a suitcase, a 10W-40 Pennzoil bottle, and more.

DIA de DIY was our firs Maker Day for kids!

DIA de DIY was our first Maker Day for kids! The event was attended by 20 local kids who learned a little about soldering, sewing, and screen printing. The work from DIA de DIY was displayed at NMHU in Burris Hall’s Annual Dia de Los Muertos Exhibit.


In October, participants built tilt / shift lenses for their SLR / DSLR cameras. The event was attended by 12 local photographers who ranged from amateur / student through working professionals.