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Parachute Factory Director, Mariano Ulibarri will be moderating this event for the New Media Consortium. Check it out, live on-air today!

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NMC On the Horizon > Makerspaces

Where EdTech Leaders Bring Horizon Project Research to Life

16 October 2013 – 12:00pm – 1:00pm

How do we define a Makerspace? Who participates? What is the value? Why is this important for teaching and learning? How do we assess Makerspace activities?

For the inaugural edition of the new NMC On the Horizon series on October 16th, we’re bringing in edtech experts across the Higher Ed, K-12, and museum sectors to engage in a live panel discussion about this emerging NMC Horizon Project topic.

In the 21st century learning landscape, creativity, design, and engineering are making their way to the forefront of educational considerations as tools such as 3D printers, robotics, and 3D modeling web-based applications become accessible to more people. The question of how to renovate or repurpose classrooms to address the needs of the future is being answered through the concept of Makerspaces, which offer the tools and learning experiences needed to help people carry out their ideas.

Join the NMC and our panel of Makerspace thought leaders on Wednesday, October 16 at 10am PT / 12pm CT/ 1pm ET (check for local time). This one-hour session will be held in the Google+ On Air platform and broadcasted live on YouTube. Participation is free for all attendees.

Meet our Makerspace Panel

David Conover, STEAM Video Game Instructor, Connally High School

As an educator, David Conover’s goal is to raise awareness and interest in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) through student created video games, while providing at-risk students the resources they need for success. Conover’s global projects engage 9th through 12th grade students in exploring real-world issues they feel passionate about by challenging them to show, through video games, how STEAM can help improve the environment in their Austin community.

Miriam Langer, Interactive/Multimedia Faculty, Center for Cultural Technology, New Mexico Highlands University

Miriam Langer is a professor of Media Arts and Technology at New Mexico Highlands University, where she teaches physical computing and leads the multimedia and interactivity emphasis area. She is the director of the AmeriCorps Cultural Technology program, and co-director of the Center for Cultural Technology, a partnership with the New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs.  Her current focus is helping to develop community and cultural Maker Spaces in storefronts, libraries, and museums around New Mexico.

Liz Neely, Director of Digital Information and Access, Art Institute of Chicago

Liz Neely has played a leading role in the Art Institute of Chicago’s Online Scholarly Catalogue Initiative (OSCI) and the LaunchPad iPads in the galleries project. She is the project director for a 2013 IMLS Sparks Innovation grant to explore strategies for using 3D printing and scanning to increase visitor engagement. Neely is a Museum Computer Network board member and also serves on the Board of Directors for the NMC.

Panel Moderator: 
Mariano Ulibarri, Founder, Parachute Factory and Board of Directors of Hacker Scouts
Mariano Ulibarri believes that the Maker Movement has the power to foundationally transform communities for the better. He currently serves on the board of directors for Hacker Scouts, a national non-profit serving middle-school aged children. In 2012, Mariano founded Parachute Factory, a community Maker space that works in partnership with libraries, museums, institutions of higher education, and local non-profits.

About the NMC On the Horizon Series
The “NMC on the Horizon” series reflects the research and work of the NMC Horizon Project in action. International panels of experts are convened across all education sectors to address the emerging technologies poised to significantly impact teaching and learning.


Have questions of this event or the NMC On the Horizon series? Emailcommunications@nmc.org.

Hacker Scouts Open Lab // 10/15/2013

Our first Open Lab in the new space! On the menu: Soldering 101 & High-tech Farolitos.

POP-UP #003 // TODAY!

Join us at our NEW Makerspace at 146 Bridge Street in Las Vegas, NM TODAY for POP-UP #003! We have some really amazing workshops AND open registration for our Fall Hacker Scouts Session.

POP-UP #003 // Workshops

POP-UP #003 // Workshops

Hacker Scout of the Week!

One of the great things that came out of our HackTogether 2013 was the connection the kids made to each other as a larger community. When we asked for other ideas on how we could continue to celebrate this, the kids came up with a new idea: they would like us to feature one of our Hacker Scouts from around the world each week. That way, we can show how both common and diverse interests make our community and program innovative and unique! We thought that was a great idea!

The Scout of the Week for September 1-8 comes from right here in lil’ Las Vegas! Guild 005’s own Elijah, age 12:

Kid Sundays: Elijah

What kinds of things do you like to make?

 Video games in Scratch, robots, photos, video.


What is your favorite project you have done?

Making the Raspberry Pi arcade machine for the Oakland Hacker Scouts.


What are you excited about learning in the future?

 RC robots and high-end video game programming.


Which badges are your favorites/are you most excited about?

Tesla coil!


What do you enjoy about Guild or Open Lab?

At Guild I like meeting with my friends and having a chance to imagine new projects.
At Open Lab I get to teach workshops like paper circuits, that’s cool!


If you could make anything-what is your dream project?

I would like to make a mini-Hand of Man [giant robotic car-crushing hand].


What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Chocolate. It has to be chocolate!


Favorite video game?



Follow-up question to the last one: Favorite Mob and Block?

 Creepers and bricks.

Be sure to check back each week for Kid Sundays at www.hacker-scouts.org

BSA to Hacker Scouts: Change Your Name or be Sued

Hacker Scouts and the BSA

Submitted by Samantha Cook on 

Dear Hacker Scouts Family,

For the past several months we have been dealing with an issue that we now feel is at a point where it is important to let you know what is going on. A few months ago, we received a Cease and Desist letter from the Boy Scouts of America when we tried to trademark our name. Through various letters, we have tried to quietly come to a compromise, but the BSA position is clear: change our name or they will take us to court.

This is a difficult situation for us. We believe in our name and our right to use the word “scouts”. The BSA’s main argument is that they have a constitutional charter that they interpret to mean they have the right to use and trademark any word they choose. We disagree. We believe the charter itself may be unconstitutional, and that “scouts” is a world-wide connotation for a youth organization that existed before them and will exist long after them. We have also tried to be very clear in our message that we are not affiliated with the Boy Scouts nor are we trying to replace them. We do not offer the same experience, nor do we have a similar model as they do. We did not base our organization on them.

Our board will be making a decision soon, based on advice from our lawyers and our own sense of duty. Our primary responsibility is to act in service of our mission and the kids we serve. We have been thinking a lot about our core values and what path models those values to the community we care so deeply about; moving on when it is necessary or standing up for what is right. Thinking about this situation in that context has been powerful and meaningful for us.

We will let you know soon what the decision is, and how you can help. Thank you for your support and understanding.

The Hacker Scouts Staff, Board, Leaders, and Mentors.

HackTogether 2013 // Guild 005’s Trip to Oakland

HackTogether 2013 - Oakland, CAHackTogether 2013 was the first ever multi-guild Open Lab in Oakland, CA. Scouts and Mentors from Guild 005 in Las Vegas, NM traveled to the Bay Area to sightsee, visit museums, and meetup with Guild 001 – AKA the ‘Mothership’ – in Oakland, CA.

The trip was a whirlwind tour of epic proportions! Five Scouts and three Mentors flew from Albuquerque to Oakland to take part in HackTogether. Over 4 days the Guild hit sites all around the Bay.

Guild 005 hit the ground running. Our plane touched down in Oakland at 8:30am, and after a quick breakfast we headed straight to the Exploratorium in San Francisco.

We were greeted at the Exploratorium by a group of Hacker Scouts from Oakland, and together we had our minds blown by the MASSIVE museum. After some free time to check things out, we had a private tour of the Tinkering Studio – the Exploratorium’s Makerspace.

A Guild 005 Scout checks out the insides of a functional pinball machine at the Tinkering Studio in San Francisco, CA.

A Guild 005 Scout checks out the insides of a functional pinball machine at the Tinkering Studio in San Francisco.

FIRST NIGHT – Oakland Museum
After checking in to our hotel in Oakland we headed to the Oakland Museum of California for Friday Nights @ OMCA. There was live music, full museum access, and delicious FOOD TRUCKS for our Scouts to check out.

A visit to the Oakland Museum of California for its Friday Nights @ OMCA.

A visit to the Oakland Museum of California for its Friday Nights @ OMCA.

Guild 005 Scouts sample food truck offerings at the Oakland Museum.

Guild 005 Scouts sample food truck offerings at the Oakland Museum.

DAY TWO – Exploring San Francisco
The goal for day two was to see as much of San Francisco as possible in just one day. We starting things out in Chinatown, then moved up to the top of Twin Peaks, then cruised through Golden Gate Park on our way to Land’s End and the Beach. In the Afternoon, we visited Japantown. We polished off the evening with stops at Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf. Finally, we made an impromptu stop on Treasure Island on our way back to Oakland.

Guild 005 Scouts started day two in Chinatown.

Guild 005 Scouts started day two in Chinatown.

Our second stop on day two was a trip to the top of Twin Peaks. From here, the Scouts had panoramic views of the entire Bay Area.

Our second stop on day two was a trip to the top of Twin Peaks. From here, the Scouts had panoramic views of the entire Bay Area.

Our mid-day stop on day two was at Land's End and the beach. The Scouts couldn't resist jumping into the Pacific! We ended up with a carload of wet & sandy kids.

Our mid-day stop on day two was at Land’s End and the beach. The Scouts couldn’t resist jumping into the Pacific! We ended up with a carload of wet & sandy kids.

A perfect end to an amazing day - a quick stop on Treasure Island in the middle of the San Francisco Bay.

A perfect end to an amazing day – a quick stop on Treasure Island in the middle of the San Francisco Bay.

DAY THREE – The Big Event: HackTogether 2013
By day three we were starting to feel like locals. Guild 001 Hacker Scouts from Oakland had a very special day planned for us at their space – Ace Monster Toys – in Oakland. The day’s Open Lab had three tracks: Judo Bots, Laser Cutting, and Linocut Printing. All three were huge hits!

Judo Bots in action - a Guild 001 Scout takes on a Guild 005 Scout using their handmade hydraulic robots.

Judo Bots in action – a Guild 001 Scout takes on a Guild 005 Scout using their handmade hydraulic robots.

A Guild 005 Scout assembles her laser cut LED Lantern at Ace Monster Toys in Oakland, CA.

A Guild 005 Scout assembles her laser cut LED Lantern at Ace Monster Toys in Oakland, CA.

A linocut printmaking block at HackTogether 2013.

A linocut printmaking block at HackTogether 2013.

HackTogether 2013 was a massive success! What was really the best for me was seeing our Guild 005 Scouts bonding with the Oakland Scouts from Guild 001. It is truly amazing how working together with a shared set of goals can create such positive relationships.

Above all, our Bay Area trip showed me just how important the work we’re doing here in lil’ Las Vegas really is. Our kids are part of something positive that is taking root in cities from coast to coast.

Our lil’ Las Vegas Hacker Scouts truly impressed me on this trip. They are ambassadors to the growing DIY / Maker movement and they represent our town well.

None of this could have happened without the generous support of local donors. Funding for this trip was provided by:

Community First Bank – Las Vegas

Southwest Capital Bank – Las Vegas

New Mexico Highlands University Foundation

And several private donors

Thank you to all who have supported us!

Hacker Scouts // Flea Market Fundraiser

Guild 005 Hacker Scouts need your money! Support our trip by purchasing something cool at the sale.

Guild 005 Hacker Scouts need your money! Support our trip by purchasing something cool at the sale.

Parachute Factory’s Guild 005 Hacker Scouts will be traveling to Oakland, CA next week to get a taste of what life as an Oakland Hacker Scout is like!

We will be fundraising at the Flea Market here in lil’ Las Vegas, NM this Saturday (8/3/2013). All procedes made at our booth will go directly toward the Oakland trip. We are very close to our goal. Stop by this weekend and help us reach it.

We have an amazing trip planned! The scouts will be visiting the Exploratorium and Tinkering Studio in San Francisco, the Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment in Oakland, the Oakland Museum of California, and more.

The real highlight of the trip happens on Sunday – Oakland’s Hacker Scouts Guild 001 will be hosting a very special Multi-Guild Open Lab for us at ACE Monster Toys in Oakland! ACE is the Mackerspace where Hacker Scouts was born.

This trip has been made possible by some very generous donors. We would like to thank Southwest Capital Bank, the Las Vegas Peace and Justice Center, and our anonymous private donors for making this trip possible.

Small donations are always appreciated! Send us a couple of bucks here:

FIX-IT Friday w/ Guild #005 Hacker Scouts!


FIXIT_FRIDAYJoin us on Friday, July 19 at 5pm for a very special Hacker Scouts session called FIX-IT FRIDAY! Bring in a broken item that you love and we’ll help you try to FIX-IT!

We’ll have four stations setup for this:

  • Sewing – Machine & Hand Stitching – Hem your pants! Patch a hole! Sew on a button!
  • Electronics – No promises here, electronic repairs can be difficult, but we’ll give it a try!
  • Glue City / JB Weld Land – Broken wood, plastic, ceramics, more.
  • Mechanical Things – Bikes, mopeds, skateboards, weed whackers, etc.

This is the first of many FIX-IT FIESTAS to come! It is FREE and open to all. Donations will be accepted and will go toward our upcoming Hacker Scouts trip to Oakland. RSVPs are welcome and appreciated: info@parachutefactory.org

Find out more at: https://www.facebook.com/events/200249130133408/

Pop-Up #002 // June 29, 2013

Join us on Saturday, June 29, 2013 for our second POP-UP Makerspace Event!  We are setting up again across a couple of venues to show off what we’re up to with Hacker Scouts and to give the public a chance to try some cool maker activities.

Our Hacker Scouts Guild will be set up to exhibit some of what the group has been up to in the last two months. Our Hacker Scouts Guild has broken out into three specialty areas to develop projects for the pop-up:

  • 3D Experts – This group has been focused on developing a curriculum around 3D design and printing. Our Hacker Scouts Guild has been tasked with developing this curriculum for all Hacker Scouts Guilds around the country!
  • E-Textile Experts – Electronic textiles are gaining popularity even beyond the world of makers. Our scouts have been working with Lilypad Arduinos – a microcontroller with roots in NE New Mexico – to electrify their clothes!
  • Scratch Masters – Scratch is a programming environment that has allowed our scouts to develop their own animations and video games!

Try your hand at one of our skill building workshops. Confirmed workshops include:

  • Screen Printing – Learn to print your own t-shirts with Adam Caldwell & Sarita Espinoza of Red Earth Studio.
  • Caffenol vs. Instagram – Develop photos in a cup of coffee!
  • Toothbrush Robots – Electricity + Toothbrushes + Creativity = Awesome!
  • Easy 3D Photography – Bring your iPhone or iPad and learn a cool technique for capturing the world in 3D.
  • Alginate Casting vs. 3D Scanning & Printing – Old-school vs. New-school 3D scanning & printing!
  • MORE to COME!

Come check out some of the very latest in high-tech gear:

  • 3D Printers – Did you know that Parachute Factory operates 4 3D printers right here in lil’ Las Vegas? Come see them in action followed by a Q&A by the people who operate them.
  • RC Aircraft – Las Vegas’ own Billy Grassie has been building some very robust RC helicopters and airplanes. He’ll demonstrate his latest build and talk about some really cool things that can be done with it!

More information on this event will be posted soon!