JayVal Parachute Factory, Las Vegas, NM.

Parachute Factory is a community makerspace in Las Vegas, NM. Our goal is to promote a new framework for teaching and learning. We utilize a maker-centered curriculum to build opportunities for local learners to fall back in love with learning. We believe that every learner has the capacity to not only learn, but teach. The old standard of one expert dispersing information to HIS flock is tired, and frankly a bad fit for most people. Everybody brings expertise to the table. And inside each and every one of us is a desire to share that expertise with a greater audience. By respecting individual contributions to our community, we are elevating that very same community toward maker empowerment.

Maker empowerment is a term coined by Agency by Design – a research project of Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education. Parachute Factory is one of 35 sites selected by Harvard to contribute to this project. Maker Empowerment means: a sensitivity to the designed dimension of objects and systems, along with the inclination and capacity to shape one’s world through building, tinkering, re/designing, or hacking.

The name Parachute Factory conjures up images of everything this project embodies—from the feeling of jumping headlong into a project, to a manufacturing workplace. It also pays tribute to the community memory of the Jayval & Navajo Textiles parachute factory, where women who hadn’t been in the workforce learned to sew parachutes as a contribution to the Korean War effort, which helped lift the local economy.

In small towns like Las Vegas, big box stores selling cheaply-made merchandise create a throw-away mentality. Parachute Factory offers a homegrown creative alternative to the current cycle of production and consumption that is killing rural America.

The Parachute Factory Crew
Mariano Ulibarri
Founder & Director

Adelita Lujan
Associate Director

Board of Directors
Reyna Ulibarri // President
PhD, Sociology of Childhood

Elizabeth Juarros // Vice President
PhD, Physics

Eric Alarid // Treasurer
BS, Computer Science // Co-Owner, Desertgate Internet

Elias Gonzales // Secretary
MA, Media Arts & Computer Science

Jacobo Rael // Board of Directors
AAS, Information Systems // BA, Media Arts (2016)

1413 Chavez Street (the SPOT @ the OTM)
POBOX 4093
Las Vegas, NM 87701
tel. (505) 652-2DIY
email. info@parachutefactory.org